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Solarized, the web designer’s thoughtful colour palette

Black text on a white background is tough on the eye, especially when looking at a computer monitor. I’ve been using the Solarized colour scheme for the last few days and it greatly improves legibility and reduces eye strain. The website includes a number of presets but also gives you the colour codes so that you can type them into an unsupported editor. Well worth a visit.

via @smashingmag

The Planetarium

This little microsite has a brief overview of the Solar System, but that isn’t the primary reason that you should give it a look; The Planetarium makes extensive use of CSS transitions, transforms and font face. Each planet has its own unique diagram and small blurb and is overall far ahead of more traditional website designs. The whole idea is akin to something you would interact with on display in a science museum, and is well worth taking a look at.

via @smashingmag

Web Standards Sherpa

Recently stumbled upon Web Standards Sherpa, and for such a young site it already has a few great articles on best practices within the field of web design. My personal favourite article is the latest, Stop Hiding Behind Products; although for the snow melting example it’s pretty clear that the website is poorly designed with many different sections, and lumping all of the snow melters into a generic product category isn’t the only failing here.

Take a look for yourself; visit Web Standards Sherpa.